Busify-Ticket Booking System 🚌

A centralised bus ticket booking system that will allow the students to book tickets in advance through an online website, saving time and effort. Students will no longer need to physically stand in long queues to purchase tickets.

The ticket booking system will provide a user-friendly interface where passengers can search for available routes, select their desired travel date and time and make secure online payments.


The proposed plan is to develop a bus ticket booking system consisting of the folowing Features:

  • Search for buses,
  • Add tickets to their cart
  • Make Online Payments
  • Provides authentication
  • Authenticate using college email IDs,
  • QR code scanner,
  • A list of booked tickets.
  • Generates QR codes for confirmed tickets,
  • Sends email notifications with QR codes.

In summary, the plan involves developing a user-friendly bus ticket booking system with a client app, centralized server, notification microservice, admin panel, and mobile app for conductors.

🔗 Design 🎊

Figma Design


Alt Text Alt Text

Tech Stack 💻


  • ReactJS
  • TypeScript
  • MUI


  • NestJS
  • Postgres
  • Redis

Run Locally

The Contributing.md contains the step-by-step procedure for contributing to this project.


IIITDM Jabalpur


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