A cli can automatically export files of the same type

NPM version


When you want to export many files of the same type in one folder, you may cost a lot of time to copy and paste the same code. eg if you want to export all images in one folder, you need to copy and paste the same code for each image, and export these images in a index.ts file.



pnpm add -D auto-export

Config export.config.ts

  • targetDir (require) : the directory to export files

  • outputDir (optional) : the directory to generate the index.ts file to export files

  • customImport (optional) : custom the import statement to use in the index.ts file

import { defineExportConfig } from '@sudongyuer/auto-export'
export default defineExportConfig({
  configs: [
      targetDir: './src/assets/images',
      targetDir: './src/assets/css',
      outputDir: './src/assets/css',
      targetDir: './src/assets/svgs',
      customImport: (fileName, file) => {
        return `import { ReactComponent as ${fileName} } from '${file}'`

Generate index.ts

pnpm run autoexport


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