? Fresko

(fresh in Basque)

A configurable cli that keeps your project deps fresh


Have you ever pulled someone else’s code into your local environment, only to realize later that your code doesn’t work anymore?

Was it because that person added a new Node.js dependency, a new migration, or anything else that needs to be “loaded” through some command?

With fresko, this will not happen – ever. ?

Automatically react to changes in your repository, each time you’re pulling new code, and never forget to run any critical command.


// npm
npm install -D fresko

// yarn
yarn add -D fresko

// pnpm
pnpm add -D fresko


Create fresko.config.ts at project root

import { declareConfiguration } from 'fresko'

export default declareConfiguration({
    prompts: [
        // Will remind you to install updated node deps
            path: 'yarn.lock',
            command: 'yarn install',
        // Will remind you to run updated database fixtures
            path: [
            command: 'yarn loadFixtures'

Add git hook on post-merge event (optional, recommended)

npx husky add .husky/post-merge "exec < /dev/tty && npx fresko || true"

Why exec < /dev/tty? By default, git hooks are not interactive. This command allows the user to use their terminal to interact with Fresko during the hook.


MIT License © 2022 Quentin Hello


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