React-Maps is a collection of interactive map components for React, offering over 200 maps, including countries and continents. The components are designed for ease of use and have a small dependency size. The author emphasizes that the inclusion of disputed territories is intended to provide options for users and not to take sides. Users experiencing any issues with the components are encouraged to report them for resolution.

  1. Map Collection:

    • Includes a wide range of maps, totaling 239, covering countries, continents, and others.
  2. Dependency Size:

    • Components have a small dependency size, with the largest map being less than 800kB.
  3. Ease of Use:

    • Components are designed for easy integration into websites.
  4. Disputed Territories:

    • Aiming to provide options for users, the collection includes both sides of disputed territories.
  5. Issue Reporting:

    • Users facing problems are encouraged to report issues for correction, with a focus on SVG viewport issues.

The project aims to offer a diverse set of maps for interactive use in web applications, with a commitment to addressing reported issues.