My Commit for Schelling Point Virtual Hackathon

Deployed Project ?

Project Overview ?

”In this repository I built a web app which displays various crypto details and useful news, for traders in real time.”
User can search prices and news related to the crypto of their choice. The App was build with React JS.

In depth we are…

  • Using RapidAPI to fetch data from 2 different API’s ( Coinranking, Bing News Search) with custom Hooks.

  • Managing our States with Redux.

  • Using Ant Design to create our UI.

  • Rendering charts using Chart.js.

The components are full functional and responsive so feel free to navigate around as well as view on mobile. In mobile version please view chart in landscape mode for a better experience.

Future Ideas ?

There can be a lot of things to be implemented since the app is created using minimal code and therefore it’s adaptable.

Some of them..

  • Add technical indicators on the chart which would make algorithmic trading applicable.

  • Connect our app with the 3CommasApi for more advanced endpoints for trading.

  • Add dark Mode button.

Screenshots ?

Alt text

Alt text

Alt text

Languages ?

- html
- css
- javascript
- react.js

Tools ?

- Redux
- RapidAPI
- AntDesign
- Chart.js
- Visual Studio Code
- Git

Enjoy ?