Smooth Horizontal Scroll

A small utility hook for adding smooth horizontal scrolling to your React project.


npm install use-smooth-horizontal-scroll


yarn add use-smooth-horizontal-scroll


First, import the hook into your component:

import useSmoothHorizontalScroll from 'use-smooth-horizontal-scroll';

Then, use the hook in your component:

const { scrollContainerRef, handleScroll, scrollTo, isAtStart, isAtEnd } = useSmoothHorizontalScroll();

You’ll need to pass the scrollContainerRef to the element you want to apply the smooth scrolling to, and attach the handleScroll function to the onScroll event of that element.

<div ref={scrollContainerRef} onScroll={handleScroll}>
  {/* Your content here */}

You can use the scrollTo function to scroll to a specific position, or scroll by a specific amount.

<button onClick={() => scrollTo(-100)}>Scroll Left</button>
<button onClick={() => scrollTo(100)}>Scroll Right</button>

You can also check the isAtStart and isAtEnd state to disable buttons for scrolling if the user has reached the start or end of the content.

<button disabled={isAtStart} onClick={() => scrollTo(-100)}>Scroll Left</button>
<button disabled={isAtEnd} onClick={() => scrollTo(100)}>Scroll Right</button>

Full code example

import { useRef, useState } from "react";
import useSmoothHorizontalScroll from "use-smooth-horizontal-scroll";

const MyComponent = () => {
  const { scrollContainerRef, handleScroll, scrollTo, isAtStart, isAtEnd } = useSmoothHorizontalScroll();

  return (
      <button onClick={() => scrollTo(-100)} disabled={isAtStart}>
        Scroll Left
      <div ref={scrollContainerRef} onScroll={handleScroll} style={{ overflowX: "scroll" }}>
        {/* Your scrolling content here */}
      <button onClick={() => scrollTo(100)} disabled={isAtEnd}>
        Scroll Right


This package is compatible with React version 16.8 and above.

Similar to

This package is similar to the horizontal scrolling feature on YouTube.


This package is open-source and available under the MIT license.


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