shadcn-chat is a customizable and reusable chat component built on top of shadcn. The component is designed for integration into projects and is built using Next.js, shadcn, and Framer Motion. Developers can utilize the source code and easily copy-paste the components into their Next.js projects.

Customizable Chat Component:

The chat component is designed to be customizable, allowing developers to adapt it to their specific project requirements.

Next.js, shadcn, and Framer Motion:

Utilizes Next.js for the web framework, shadcn for styling, and Framer Motion for animations.

Source Code Availability:

Developers have access to the source code, making it easy to integrate or modify the chat component for their Next.js projects.

Reusable Components:

Components within the chat feature reusability, allowing developers to use them across different parts of their projects.

This project provides a ready-to-use chat component that aligns with the shadcn framework, making it a convenient solution for developers looking to implement chat functionality in their Next.js projects with customization options.