A decentralised database built on Ethereum & Solidity.

Introduction –

India is a country with a population of 6.8 crore students graduating each year. Every year this huge mass of graduate students goes on a scavenger hunt to find their dream jobs. AICTE and MHRD intend to track students and colleges in order to aid operations such as student identification, AICTE certified college tracking, and provision of fellowships, awards, and training. But due to this large number, manually tracking the students and directing them to a suitable job becomes a tedious as well as error-prone process. As a result, provision of trainings, fellowships to a student becomes very cumbersome process.

So in order to address this issue and simplify everyone’s life, we present to you our solution, an online portal DeSIDB: A Decentralized Student Information Database, which enables organisations to access student information, to provide them fellowships, programs or to connect them with jobs matching to their skills. DeSIDB also enables organisations to perform college-based tracking or id-based tracking.

Technologies Used –

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Launch the app –

Note: You need to have an ethereum account and some test ethers to run the app.

  1. Clone the repository to your local machine.
  2. git clone 
  3. Install MetaMask & Register your account.
  4. Navigate to the project Directory.
  5. cd DeSIDB
  6. Install node dependencies.
  7. Verify the presence of dependencies like Truffle, Web 3.0 and Wagmi.
  8. After successful verifcation, run the command.
  9. npm run start

Voila! You are good to go. ?

Glimpses from the project –



We are all ready now ?


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