Blockchain Based Video Hosting

This is a decentralized video hosting and sharing website similar to youtube.

In Youtube, it is easy to censor videos. This platform, BVideo is created to address this issue.

If someone uploads a video, it cannot be taked down or deleted because the video gets stored in blockchain.

So, you can upload videos, watch and share it in browser without any worry!


Youtube clone Pic


  • Censorship Free
  • Upload Videos
  • Stream videos
  • Toggle between videos from the side panel
  • Watch and share videos in browser

Run Locally

To run this project locally,

Step 1. Clone the project

  git clone <SSH url>

Step 2. Install dependencies

  npm install

Step 3. Compile the smart contracts, test them and deploy in blockchain.

  truffle migrate
  truffle test

Step 4. Run the React application

  npm run start


Please make sure you have Metamask account when running this application from your browser. Install the Chrome extension and create an account. You can install Ganache to get free accounts and connect it to Metamask.


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