STL Viewer:

A Discord bot to create previews for STL 3D-Meshes near instantaneously.


Upload a .stl file to any channel the bot has access to (including DMs) and get a reply of the preview.

High-performance mesh rendering engine used: Supports rendering material and color data of STL’s


Thanks to OrcaShamu[ironic]#7962 for helping optimize and debug! ? Shout out to sleep deprivation, big helper

Future Feature List:

Reaction buttons to control persepective for STL preview, image size, & color. Support for OBJ, STP and othe 3d-file formats. Support for commands.

Known Issues:

When sending multiple STL’s, bot does not properly iterate over each STL. When sending STL’s though Discord CDN, bot cannot yet view STL. Possible ineffiencies in bot architecture. Some STL’s appear sideways?? idek

Discord Support & Feedback Server:


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