🌽 FoodBank

✍🏼 Description

According to the CONEVAL (Consejo Nacional de Evaluacion de la Politica de Desarrollo Social) found that 22.5% of the population in Mexico are at risk due to a lack of access of nutrititous good quality food.

FoodBank is an idea created as a tool to help the most vulnerable in our community. With the intent to bridge communities to food banks we have created FoodBank. It was thoughtout to be equitable to the community, intuite for its users and innovative for future development.

Using React, mongoDB, Chakra UI and the skills of a multitalented team we have created FoodBank.

💻 Technologies

FoodBank also uses a variety of dependencies to make this application funtion:

- concurrently: "^5.1.0"
- @chakra-ui: "^1.0.0",
- graphql: "^15.4.0",
- date-fns": "^2.30.0".
- @apollo/client: "^3.3.7"
- eslint: "^8.47.0"

🛠️ Installation

To successfully install this proyect follow the guideline:

  1. Clone the repository:


  2. Install your backend and frontend dependencies

    npm i

📈 Usage

To begin using this application follow the next steps:

  1. Start your backend server:

    cd backend

    npm start

  2. Start the frontend application

    cd client

    npm start

Tests Instructions

Not Applicable

❓ Questions

If you have any questions you may contact any of the contributing members.


This application is covered under the MIT License. For more info, click here: License: MIT


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