This Project is a fork of Ethereum Boilerplate and demonstrates how you can build your own NFT Rarity Ranker.


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? Quick Start

? Clone or fork Rarity-Ranking-NFT:

git clone https://github.com/IAmJaysWay/Rarity-Ranking-NFT.git

? Navigate to the generator folder and initialize the rarity generator and install moralis

cd Rarity-Ranking-NFT
cd generator
npm init
npm install moralis

?️ Provide your appId and serverUrl and desired collectionAddress and collectionName in the main.js file

const serverUrl = ""; //Moralis Server Url here
const appId = ""; //Moralis Server App ID here

const collectionAddress = ""; //Collection Address Here
const collectionName = ""; //CollectioonName Here

? Run the Rarity Generator

node main.js

? Return to the Origin Repo and Install all dependencies:

cd -
yarn install 

✏ Rename .env.example to .env in the main folder and provide your appId and serverUrl from Moralis (How to start Moralis Server)

REACT_APP_MORALIS_SERVER_URL = https://xxxxxx.grandmoralis.com:2053/server

? In /src/components/QuickStart.js Add the NFT collection as an Option(s) to the Select Input (with value corresponding to the collectionName used when running the rarity generator)

<Option value="YOUr COLLECTION NAME"> Collcetion Name </Option> 

?‍♂️ Run your App:

yarn start


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