Foo Provider

A free and open-source physician portal from the Medplum team.

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What is Foo Medical Provider?

Foo Medical Provider is a ready to use medical practice sample app that’s open source. It’s meant for developers to clone, customize and run.


  • Completely free and open-source
  • Secure and compliant Medplum backend, which is also open source
  • Customizable Forms and Questionnaires
  • Charting
    • Encounters
    • Clinical Notes
    • Lab results
    • Imaging Studies
    • Medications (? under construction)
  • Care Plans and Service Menu
  • Schedules (? under construction)
  • Patient-provider messaging (? under construction)
  • All data represented in FHIR

Foo Medical Provider is designed to be forked and customized for your business’ needs.

Getting Started

First, fork and clone the repo.

Next, install the app from your terminal

npm install

Next, run the app

npm run dev

This app should run on http://localhost:3003/

By default, Foo Medical Provider uses a shared project to store resources, so you will need to request access. Please complete this form and a member of the Medplum team will add you as a Practitioner on this project.

Deploying your app

To get started deploying your app we recommend making an account on Vercel, free accounts are available.

  • Create a New Project on Vercel
  • Link your Github account and load in your forked Foo Medical Provider repository
  • All your settings should be preset, just click “Deploy”

Account Setup

By default, the Foo Medical Provider app uses a shared project.

To use your own organization with Foo Medical Provider you will need to register a new Project on Medplum and replace the projectId on the sign in page with your new projectId.

To enable Google Authentication, you will have to set the following values on your Project’s Site Settings

  • Google Client Id
  • Google Client Secret
  • Recaptcha Site Key
  • Recaptcha Secret Key

Contact the medplum team ([email protected] or Discord) with any questions.


Medplum backend is HIPAA compliant and SOC 2 certified. Getting an account set up requires registering on Feel free to ask us questions in real time on our Discord Server.

About Medplum

Medplum is an open-source, API-first EHR. Medplum makes it easy to build healthcare apps quickly with less code.

Medplum supports self-hosting, and provides a hosted service. Foo Medical Provider uses the hosted service as a backend.


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