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Sonixd is a cross-platform desktop client built for Subsonic-API (and Jellyfin in 0.8.0+) compatible music servers. This project was inspired by the many existing clients, but aimed to address a few key issues including scalability, library management, and user experience.

Sonixd has been tested on the following: Navidrome, Airsonic, Airsonic-Advanced, Gonic, Astiga, Jellyfin

Demo Sonixd using Navidrome


  • HTML5 audio with crossfading and gapless* playback
  • Drag and drop rows with multi-select
  • Modify and save playlists intuitively
  • Handles large playlists and queues
  • Global mediakeys (and partial MPRIS) support
  • Multi-theme support
  • Supports all Subsonic/Jellyfin API compatible servers
  • Built with Electron, React with the rsuite v4 component library
* Gapless playback is artifically created using the crossfading players so it may not be perfect, YMMV.



You can install sonixd by downloading the latest release for your specified operating system.


If you prefer not to download the release binary, you can install using winget. Using your favorite terminal (cmd/pwsh):

winget install sonixd

Or you can install using scoop.

scoop install sonixd


If you prefer not to download the release binary, you can install using homebrew. Using your favorite terminal:

brew install --cask sonixd

Arch Linux

There is an AUR package of the latest AppImage release available here.

To install it you can use your favourite AUR package manager and install the package: sonixd-appimage

For example using yay:

yay -S sonixd-appimage

If you encounter any problems please comment on the AUR or contact the maintainer directly before you open an issue here.

, you will need to make sure that you create a decodable credential for your login user within the admin control panel.

  • Server – e.g. http://localhost:4040/
  • User name – e.g. admin
  • Password – e.g. supersecret!

If you have any questions, feel free to check out the Usage Documentation & FAQ.

Development / Contributing

This project is built off of electron-react-boilerplate v2.3.0. If you want to contribute to this project, please first create an issue or discussion so that we can both discuss the idea and its feasability for integration.

First, clone the repo via git and install dependencies (Windows development now requires additional setup, see #232):

git clone
yarn install

Start the app in the dev environment:

yarn start

To package apps for the local platform:

yarn package

If you receive errors while packaging the application, try upgrading/downgrading your Node version (tested on v14.18.0).

If you are unable to run via debug in VS Code, check troubleshooting steps here.

If your devtools extensions are failing to run/install, check troubleshooting steps here.


GNU General Public License v3.0 ©


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