A Virtual CSS language with enhanced syntax. ( ~13KB )

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Quick Start

This is just a quick start guide, the official documentation here.

1. Download

npm install @master/css

Or use a CDN

<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@master/css"></script>

2. Import into your js file

import '@master/css'

Hello World

<h1 class="font:40 font:heavy bg:blue:hover m:50 text:center@md">
    Hello World

Next, learn the common Syntax – Master CSS!

Official Normal CSS

Normalize browser’s styles: @master/normal.css

import @master/normal.css into your global css file

@import '@master/normal.css';

or use a CDN

<link href="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@master/normal.css" rel="stylesheet">

Original Design

  • Master CSS Syntax: As a whole new language, Master created our own unique syntax.
  • Class Highlight: Master is the first language to highlight class names in markup.
  • Hybrid Rendering: Apply both JIT and AOT to CSS compilation. Similar to Hydration technology.
  • Group Styles ─ the one of groundbreaking features that allows you to extract the same selectors and media query styles and make it short. Inspired by SerKo.
  • Reactive Styles ─ the one of groundbreaking features that allows you style an element based on parent/sibling state.
  • Arbitrary selectors and media queries: Apply arbitrary selectors and media queries directly in class=””, which is the most powerful and comprehensive language on the market.


Some of our core concepts and designs are inspired by these giants.

  • Language: Master is a language, but it was originally inspired by ACSS‘s concept of atomic classes.
  • Virtual CSS: Difference algorithms, virtual models, etc. are inspired by Virtual DOM.


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