Demo NFT Marketplace


  • Concise code
  • Well typed
  • Modern react code using hooks + functional features
  • Code can be easily refactored
  • Easy for other developers to contribute and leverage the code
  • Fast. Server side rendering as much as possible
  • Extensible. Code in this project is useful in many dapps or as providing inspiration

Tech stack:


  • Typescript (default is JS [any type / untyped], typed where possible. Aiming for fully typed code a.k.a proper Typescript code)
    content frameworks
  • NextJs (React fairy dust. More is more. NextJs makes make aspects of react development a lot easier)


  • Tailwind CSS + PostCSS (Tailwind supplies CSS, postCSS is the preprocessor)

ethereum dev tools

  • Hardhat (Based smart contracts dev suite)
  • Ethers (Because it’s the standard library to interact with blockchain and is a well trodden library many developers have already navigated)
  • Web3Modal (It’s nice yeah.. I’m not happy with the wallet integration code yet. It’s a mess WIP)


the 2 steps to success

  1. install tmux on your local machine if not installed already

  2. run source

Starting the servers

  1. run start

or ./ if you chose not to set up this projects aliases

Stopping the servers

  1. run stop

or ./ if you chose not to set up this projects aliases




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