Social Media App

Social Media App is a fully-featured social media web application, built with the MERN stack.

Deployed at:


  • Create, read, update and delete posts
  • Like and unlike posts
  • Create, reply to, read, update and delete nested comments
  • Markdown for posts and comments
  • Sign up and login using JWT for authentication
  • Private message users in real-time using
  • View profiles of users and browse through their posts, liked posts and comments
  • Infinite scrolling
  • Sort posts by attributes such as like count, comment count and date created
  • Profanity filtering and posting/commenting cooldowns
  • Update bio which can be viewed by other users
  • Search for posts by their title
  • View the users who liked a particular post
  • Fully responsive layout

Installation and usage

  1. Clone this repository
git clone
  1. Install dependencies

cd social-media-app  
npm install
cd client
npm install
  1. Create .env in root directory

cd ..
touch .env
  1. Configure environment variables in your new .env file. To acquire your MONGO_URI, create a cluster for free over at The TOKEN_KEY is a secret key of your choosing, you can generate one at this site:

  1. Run the server
npm run server
  1. Start a new terminal and run react’s development server

cd social-media-app
cd client
npm start


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