• This is a social-network project with MERN (MongoDb, Express, ReactJs, NodeJs) + tailwindCss


(Not logged)
  • Home. Dark mode
  • Login. Dark mode
  • Register. Dark mode
  • Forget password. Dark mode
  • Dashboard. Dark mode
  • Messenger. Dark mode
  • Admin page (Only with admin’s accounts). Dark mode
  • Profile. Dark mode
  • Update profile. Dark mode
  • Information a post. Dark mode


  • Responsive.
  • Dark mode
  • Sign in, log out.
  • Search user in Nav.
  • Follow user, unfollow user.
  • Distinguish admin and normal user (admin has blue tick).
  • Post (in Dashboard page and profile page) :
    • Create new post (with text and image).
    • Update post.
    • Delete post.
    • Like and unlike post.
    • Add comments (with text and image).
    • Delete and update comment.
    • Like and unlike comment.
    • Add reply comment (with text and image).
    • Like and unlike reply comment.
  • Message:
    • Add new user, group receive
    • Notification when receiving new messages from other users (sound)
    • Search user in chat
  • Admin-page:
    • Statistics of registered people and number of posts.
    • Chart showing data by week (chartJS).
    • Table showing user and post details.


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