Movie Searcher

A fully responsive React app that allows you to search for movies from Movie Database (IMDB Alternative).

Live Demo

User flow

  • App loads with a search bar and a view favourites button. The favourites button opens a list of favourites.
  • User types a search string for a title by name.
  • A list of titles are displayed with a button to change this list to a card view and back to a list view.
  • If the user selects a Title, a modal is displayed containing a “more info” and an “add to favourites/remove from favourites” button.
  • The “card/list view” and “favourites” are persisted using Easy Peasy.
  • All movie data is pulled through from the Movie Database (IMDB Alternative) API.

Built using


Hosted through Firebase.


Code released under the MIT License.


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