AI Todo

AI todo is a generic todo app that uses GPT as the back end.

The server is a simple api that can be called to set the state of the JSON ‘database’ which is stored in memory, this is passed to GPT with a prompt to manipulate that JSON and return with the response.

There are some predefined prompts such as “mark as complete/incomplete” or “delete”, but the fun part is using the generic prompt end point to give a prompt and have it be applied to the JSON.

The app is just a react todo that consumes a JSON object and displays it. Some functionality is added here such as making a todo bold if it has the property important set to true or a property called complete which will set the text to be strike through.

How to run


Add your Open Ai API key to .env as OPEN_AI_API_KEY

cd server
npm i
node server/api.js 


cd app
npm i
npm start


Add a new todo for each sport in the Olympics setting the title as the sport


Add a new property to each todo called 'important' and mark every second todo as true


Set 3 as complete


Add a new todo for each step required to make a roast dinner



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