Welcome to the Shopify + Next.js + Tailwind CSS course

shopify next.js course preview

Topics Covered

  • Blazing fast storefronts using Next.js for eCommerce.
  • Managing Cart data with React Context and localStorage.
  • Rapid component development with Tailwind CSS.
  • GraphQL query testing using the GraphiQL app.
  • Shopify Partners Account and Dashboard.
  • Shopify Storefront API (GraphQL).
  • Vercel for deployment.


Overview Performance Breakdown

Future Updates:

This is an ongoing project that is currently released in beta. Future updates will include:

  • Using SWR for automatically updating content on SSG (Static Site Generation) websites.
  • Webhooks triggering for product updates, etc.
  • Additional ecommerce ready sections for Next.js using Tailwind CSS (currently 5 are included with the course assets)
  • Addition of lectures covering Shopify’s Hydrogen (when released)
  • And much more!


Big thank you to the Shopify, Vercel, and Tailwind Labs teams for making it so easy and pleasurable to create incredible storefronts with speed.