CSS class builder

A typescript microframework built to work with ReactJS to shortened daily use css class manipulator methods in ReactJS by adding them all into a single method.

How to use


You can install this package to your js or ts project via below command

npm i css-class-builder


After installation import this package in your project file,

import CSSClassBuilder from 'CSSClassBuilder';

Then, create a new instance of the builder,

const cssClass = new CSSClassBuilder();

Now you can use cssClass to interact.


Initializing with value

The builder can be instanciated with a single or multiple initial css classes.

const cssClass = new CSSClassBuilder('initial'); // -> initial
const headingClass = new CSSClassBuilder('heading h-6'); // -> heading h-6

Extending css class

Once you have created an instance of the builder you can extend a single or multiple css classes on the builder

const cssClass = new CSSClassBuilder();
cssClass.extend('another-css-class'); // -> another-css-class
cssClass.extend('red green'); // -> another-css-class red green

Removing css class

You can also remove a single or multiple css classes from the builder.

const cssClass = new CSSClassBuilder('bold italic');
cssClass.remove('italic'); // -> bold

Toggling class dynamically

A single or multiple classes can be extended or removed from builder dynamically. We can use toggle function of the builder to toggle class over a boolean value.

  • For true, the class will be extended on builder.
  • For false, the class will be removed from builder.

const cssClass = CSSClassBuilder('initial');
let otherValue: boolean = true;
classes.toggle('blue', anotherBooleanValue); // -> initial blue
otherValue = false;
classes.toggle('blue', anotherBooleanValue); // -> initial

Connecting builder to HTML tag’s class attribute

After all the operations are done, we can connect the class attribute of the HTML tags with our builder using unzip method of the builder.

const cssClass = new CSSClassBuilder('initial');
cssClass.extend('bold italic');

return <div class={cssClass.unzip}></div>;

Above div will have the following classes: initial, bold, italic.


Please see the changelog to know about the latest updates.


Contribution to this project are most welcomed.

If you find bugs or want more features, but don’t know how to fix/implement them, please fill an issue.

If you fixed bugs or implemented new features, please send a pull request.


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