nodes-navigation-focus is a JS library which automates the focus moviment in the screen.

The library uses the react-hooks to manipulate the DOM and recieve and return infomation about the state of the element.



Install nodes-navigation-focus with npm

  npm install nodes-navigation-focus


  • Manage state of DOM elements
  • Move focus state of a complex layout structure
  • Allows you recive informartion about the elemenet that is currently focused

API Reference

We have to understand that we will have 2 types of ‘uneNavigation’ instance.

One that it will be reference to a DOM element that contains an agrupation of elements that will recive the focus.

And another intance that will reference the specific DOM elements that will recive the focus.


You can extract them from the library

  import useNavigation, { types } from 'nodes-navigation-focus'
Type Description
single Used to refere to a single DOM element without parent
line Used to refere to an array of elements
matrix Used to refere to an a array of elements that will be displayed like a matrix
list Used to refere to a list of items,
object Used to refere to an object


  • Common params
Parameter Type Description
focusKey string Element key
extraProps object object that stores element information
  • Common params for PARENT reference
Parameter Type Description
type string Required. type of layout structure that
rememberLastFocused boolean Add this option to remember the las element focused in the structure
onFocusedChildNodeChanges func Triggers when the focus in the structure changes
onOut object Triggers when the focus wants to go out of the element
preferredChildFocusKey string Default son key that it will be focused if the references is not specified
  • Common params for SON reference
Parameter Type Description
parent ref Required. the ‘useNavigation’ hook will recieve the reference of the parent generated with ‘useNavigation’ hook
onMouseOver func triggers when mouse over of the element
onMouseOut func triggers when mouse out of the element
onClick func triggers when element is clicked
onFocusedNode func It will triggers when the element is with focus
onEnterPressedNode func Triggers when the element is pressed with enter
onArrowPress func Trigger when element is pulses a key moviment
  • Single type

This type can’t have son elements

Parameter Type Description
onMove func Triggers when focus wants to go another element
  • Line type
Parameter Type Description
position number position order
flow string If the structure is gonna be in horizontal or in vertical
  • List type

For son:

Parameter Type Description
row number row order
position number position order

For parent:

Parameter Type Description
startPosition number start position of the lsit
rememberLastFocused boolean remember last list focused
rememberLastRowPosition boolean remember last son reference where focused when the focus is moving into the lists
  • Matrix type
Parameter Type Description
row string row order
column object column order

Navigation utilities

Parameter Type Description
ref string Required. The use of this property returned by ‘useNavigation’ is required to set the reference with the DOM node
focusSelf func a function to focus the current element
focusSelf func a function to focus the current element
setFocus func a function to change focus between structures
focused boolean gives you information if node is currently focused or not
hasFocusedChild boolean gives you information about if it has some son element node focused
focusKey string return the key of the node
getFocusedNode func return information about focused node
getPressedNode func returns information about las pressed node


Recieves a ref of a DOM element with a specific configuration and returns a DOM element ref and the state of the element.


import useNavigation, { types } from 'nodes-navigation-focus';

const [matrixRef, { focused, setFocus, hasFocusedChild }] = useNavigation({
        type: types.MATRIX,
        focusKey: 'matrix',
        preferredChildFocusKey: 'item-1-1',
        onFocusedChildNodeChanges: (config) => {
        onOut: {
            top: () => {
            left: () => {


This is an example of how the focus looks in an application example. Click here to see the full demo.

App Screenshot



Added GNU General Public License v3.0

GPLv3 License


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