Easy React PDF


The Easy React PDF is a library that simplifies the process of generating PDF files from JSON configurations. With this library, you can easily create complex PDF documents with various styles, layouts, and content. and make it easy for templating PDF files.


You can install the library using npm:

npm install easy-react-pdf


you need install react, react-pdf and react-dom in your project

npm install react react-dom @react-pdf/renderer


Node js

Stream File

import { createStreamPDF, IPDFPage } from "easy-react-pdf";

async function main(template: IPDFPage) {
  const stream = await createStreamPDF(template);
  return stream.pipe(fs.createWriteStream("output.pdf"));

Create File

import { createFilePDF, IPDFPage } from "easy-react-pdf";

async function main(template: IPDFPage) {
  await createFilePDF(template, "path/to/file.pdf");


import { PDFViewer } from "@react-pdf/renderer";
import { Document } from "easy-react-pdf";

function Main(template: IPDFPage) {
  return (
      <Document {...template} />

Example Template

const contents: IPDFPage = {
  contents: [
      type: "views",
      style: {
        width: "100%",
        height: "100%",
        alignItems: "center",
        justifyContent: "center",
        display: "flex",
      contents: [
          type: "text",
          text: "Hello World",
          style: {
            fontSize: 20,
            fontWeight: "bold",
  document: {
    title: "Payment Schedules",
  pages: {
    size: "A4",


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