Light-weight prototyping and monitoring tool for Kubernetes.


Privateer is a lightweight Kubernetes prototyping and monitoring tool developed in Electron.js.

Create Page:

Quickly create configuration files for a new Kubernetes cluster using a simple form!


Monitor Page:

Monitor your Kubernetes cluster directly from this application using our integrated Grafana dashboard! Already have Grafana installed? Great! Privateer is fully- compatible with your existing setup. If not, get Promethus and Grafana running quickly using our provided configuration files.

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Network Page:

Automatically visualize your entire Kubernetes cluster architecture by generating an interactive topological graph! Click on Kubernetes objects to display extensive configuration details.


Getting Started:


  • Clone this repository to the machine running your Kubernetes cluster.

  • Use of the Monitoring dashboard requires localhost access to Grafana on port 3000. If you don’t have Prometheus and Grafana Installed, simply do the following:

    • Create a new Monitoring namespace using the command: kubectl create namespace monitoring
    • Navigate to the Privateer root directory in your terminal and run the command kubectl apply -f infra to install Prometheus and Grafana in your cluster.
    • Run the command kubectl get pods --namespace=monitoring and note the names of your Prometheus and Grafana pods.
    • Run the command kubectl port-forward [YOUR PROMETHEUS POD NAME] 9090:9090 -n monitoring to make your Prometheus pod accessible on port 9090.
    • Run the command kubectl port-forward [YOUR GRAFANA POD NAME] 3000:3000 -n monitoring to make your Grafana pod accessible on port 3000.
  • npm install

  • npm start

Planned Features:

  • Integrated load-testing of Kubernetes cluster.
  • Ability to create and modify cluster configurations using a GUI.
  • Distribution of application as a standalone executable file.


This product is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0.‌


This product is accelerated by OS Labs.


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