Light Toast

A light-weight React toast component with extremely easy API and 0 dependency.


yarn add light-toast --save

Version 0.2.0 and above require React hooks support, please use with caution.


import Toast from 'light-toast';

const Button = () => (
    onClick={() => {'message...', 3000, () => {
        // do something after the toast disappears
    click me

API, duration, onClose);
Toast.success(content, duration, onClose);, duration, onClose);
Toast.loading(content, onClose);
param detail type default
content toast message string
duration milliseconds delay to close number 3000
onClose callback function after closing the toast function


If you use Toast.loading(), you should call Toast.hide() by yourself to close the toast,
since this often happens when you make an asynchronous request.

When you are in loading state, you can call, Toast.success(), directly to hide the loading message. This is useful when you want to hint something after waiting.