A powerful and lightweight eCommerce platform using ReactJs, Graphql, PHP and Mysql.


Polavi backend screenshot

  • Catalog management
    • Category
    • Product
      • Product type and attributes
      • Advance pricing
        • Customer group price
        • Tier price
      • Product custom options – Add custom option to product with extra price
      • Product variants
  • Coupon management
    • Multi type of discount
      • Fixed discount to entire order
      • Percentage discount to entire order
      • Fixed discount to specific products
      • Percentage discount to specific products
      • Buy X get Y
      • Free shipping
    • Complex order and customer condition
  • Order management
  • Customer management


Demo store

Getting Started


Please check here for more detail.

Middleware system


namespace Polavi\Middleware;

use function Polavi\generate_url;
use Polavi\Services\Http\Request;
use Polavi\Services\Http\Response;
use Polavi\Services\Routing\Router;

class RoutingMiddleware extends MiddlewareAbstract
    public function __invoke(Request $request, Response $response, $delegate = null)
        $code = $this->getContainer()->get(Router::class)->dispatch();
        if($code == 404)
        else if($code == 405)
            $response->setContent('Method Not Allowed')->setStatusCode(405);
        else {
            $response->addState("currentRoute", $request->attributes->get("_matched_route"));
            $response->addState("currentRouteArgs", $request->attributes->get("_route_args"));
            $response->addState("currentUrl", generate_url($request->attributes->get("_matched_route"), $request->attributes->get("_route_args")));

        return $delegate;

Client rendering approach with es6 module dynamic import.

    get_js_file_url("production/catalog/category/edit/general.js", true),
        "data" => $result->data['generalInfo']

ReactJs template with Area and Widget

    get_js_file_url("production/area.js", true),
        "id"=> "content_wrapper",
        "className"=> "content-wrapper"

// Adding a widget to Area
    get_js_file_url("production/cms/footer.js", true)

Loading data with Graphql and Promise

        "query"=>"{generalInfo: category(id: {$request->get('id')} language:{$request->get('language', get_default_language_Id())}){name status description include_in_nav position}}"
    ->then(function($result) use ($response) {
        /**@var \GraphQL\Executor\ExecutionResult $result */
        if(isset($result->data['generalInfo'])) {
            get_js_file_url("production/catalog/category/edit/general.js", true),
                "data" => $result->data['generalInfo']]


Apache server, PHP 7.3, Mysql 5.6 and 1 free SendGrid account for transactional email Please check here for more detail.

Built With

  • Symfony – Some component from Symfony like HttpFoundation, EventDispatcher
  • React – All of html will be rendered by using ReactJs
  • Graphql-php – A great php framework for graphql
  • Promises – Promises/A+ library for PHP


Contributions are welcome and appreciated. I am looking for any feedback or suggestion to improve this project. You can:

  • Submit a bug/issue or suggestion
  • Use this feedback page if you have any idea or feedback about this project
  • Submit a PR

Support / Discussion

If you are facing any problem or just want to discuss about this project, I invite you to join my Discord channel here


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