Mantine ContextMenu

A “dark-theme aware” context-menu for your Mantine UI applications, built by the creator of Mantine DataTable.

Mantine ContextMenu

Full documentation and examples

Visit to view the full documentation and learn how to use it by browsing the list of usage examples.


Install the package and its dependencies:

npm i @mantine/core @mantine/hooks @emotion/react mantine-contextmenu

Wrap your application in the ContextMenuProvider components:

import { MantineProvider } from '@mantine/core';
import { ContextMenuProvider } from 'mantine-contextmenu';

function App() {
  return (
        {/* your app code here... */}

Use it in your code:

import { IconCopy, IconDownload } from '@tabler/icons-react';
import { useContextMenu } from 'mantine-contextmenu';
import Picture from '~/components/Picture';
import { copyImageToClipboard, downloadImage, unsplashImages } from '~/lib/image';

export default function GettingStartedExample() {
  const showContextMenu = useContextMenu();

  const image = unsplashImages[0];
  const { src } = image.file;

  return (
          key: 'copy',
          icon: <IconCopy size={16} />,
          title: 'Copy to clipboard',
          onClick: () => copyImageToClipboard(src),
          key: 'download',
          icon: <IconDownload size={16} />,
          title: 'Download to your computer',
          onClick: () => downloadImage(src),

Have a look at the available type definitions and make sure to browse the list of usage examples.

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Hiring the author

If you want to hire my services, don’t hesitate to drop me a line at the email address listed in my GitHub profile. I’m currently getting a constant flow of approaches, some of them relevant, others not so relevant. Mentioning “Mantine ContextMenu” in your text would help me prioritize your message.


The MIT License.


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