a magical boilerplate with hot reloading and awesome error handling™ that uses webpack, redux, react and redux-undo


You need to have npm installed (it comes with node.js).

npm install


During development, run:

npm run dev

Which enables some development tools.

In production, run:

npm start

These commands (unless configured otherwise) start a web server at: http://localhost:3000


What happens if I change some code?

Save the file in your editor and immediately see the changes reflected in your
browser - coding has never been more efficient. What a beautiful world we live
in nowadays.

What happens if I make a typo / syntax error?

Many of us know this: You accidentally type in the wrong window once, add a
random character to your code and when you run it again you're like "WTF this
just worked?!" - let webpack-hot-middleware help you out with this:

What happens if I mutate the state directly?

Mutating the state directly causes lots of bugs with Redux. There are no
immutables in JavaScript, so we can't make sure this doesn't happen unless we
use something like Immutable.js.

If you run this boilerplate in dev mode (npm run dev), it will tell you when
you mutate something directly:


npm test


Special thanks to these awesome projects/people making this possible :heart:


redux-boilerplate: MIT © C.T. Lin

redux-undo-boilerplate: MIT © Daniel Bugl