React/Redux basic CRUD example

This little app was made to test a basic CRUD for a webpapp. This was done thinking on a mobile or chrome application so this is not using routes.

A separation between the state and the application data is in place to test a more realistic situation where you do async calls to a remote API, something missing on many redux/react examples.

This is being developed while I'm learning about react/redux so the code shared here may contain newbie errors and is not following any particular standard, but it contains a bunch of comments that may help some one that is struggling to understand how react/redux works.


Local Storage
This uses local storage for two tasks:

  • store the state (redux-localstorage)
    this allows the webapp to be reloaded without losing the current state. (so it can be a hosted webapp that when added to IOS home screen does not lose the state each time the user goes away and comes back stackoverflow)
  • store the CRUD data (store.js)
    when actions are dispatched, async calls are executed against a local api that takes care of the data, a delay time is in place so the "fetching" state can be shown.

Web app
Can be added to IOS/Andriod home screen and each time is loaded the state remains the same (because the persistent state plugin).

No routes
Routes are amazing and are a requirement in many cases but this is a trial to check an alternative way when there is no need to provide bookmarks to sections or server rendering.

To do
Learn more and improve this example.


npm install
npm start

Open http://localhost:8080/




Fetch simulation