Happy Garden

Gratitude Gamified

A mindfulness app that visualizes the effect of positive thinking through growing a garden.

Link to project: HAPPY GARDEN


Technologies Used:

  • Firebase
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • React
  • Vite
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Github Pages
  • Discord, Figma

Tech Stack

Our Goal:

  • Grow a better world with Happy Garden!
  • Daily add a positive thought, a grateful note, or an inspirational phrase to “feed” your plant. As your plant grows, may this daily mindfulness exercise bring some peace and serenity into your hectic life and boost your mood.
  • On days when you don’t have anything to add, go back and review past entries for a positive spin to your day.
  • The mind is a powerful tool. Let’s use it ito improve our lives and the lives of those around us, one positive entry at a time. Grow your positive mindset!

Product Demo:



Happy Garden was built for the GDI Hackathon 2022 – Hack for Health! We were given 48 hours to start and accomplish the project. All team members are first-time hackers, which has proven to be challenging and a rewarding experience for us! The Happy Garden app won and landed third place! 2 days after deployment, it has already garnered almost 100 users!

Team members are mostly front-end developers, leading us to take on different roles and learn new technologies.

Planned Features:

Happy Garden is open-source and Contributors are welcome!

  • Desktop optimization
  • Monthly calendar views
  • Previous, Next, and Logout Buttons
  • Additional modals for confirmation
  • More plant options

Special Thanks to the Original Contributors:


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