I've seen a lot of bootstrap or minimal React setups for developers. But they all seem kinda bloated. Even create-react-app is bloated as soon as you eject.

All I wanted is the minimal setup with:

  • React
  • Babel
  • webpack

No server side rendering, configuration frameworks, routers, stores or other libraries.

It'll just get you started. Everything else is up to you.

How to install

Execute git clone --depth=1 --branch=master YOUR_PROJECT, and then run yarn.

You may now remove the following files in the new project directory, to 'eject' from the original repository:

rm -rf .git/ LICENSE .travis.yml


  • Static HTML entry is in static/index.html
  • React entry point is src/App.jsx.
  • Built JS output file is static/js/bundle.js
  • Builds can be configured in webpack.config.js


  • Run yarn build for a single build
  • Run yarn build:prod for a minified build (minified by UglifyJs provided by webpack)
  • Run yarn start/yarn build:watch for a continuous build while editing files


  • Run yarn test