A minimal window manager for engineering web apps.

I am developing paneless to use in a larger app. I want to be able to display multiple, overlapping windows. Each "window" is called a frame. Here is a screenshot of one frame of my app with five panes.

  • All app content is rendered in panes.

  • Frames may be minimized to a thumbnail size.

  • A frame's header (AKA title bar) and footer (AKA status bar) may be hidden. When a header is hidden you can still move the frame by hovering the mouse around its top border.

  • Panes are rendered in frames.

  • Each pane may be split so that a single frame may contain an arbitrary layout of multiple panes.

  • Tabbed panes are implemented by this library.

  • This library supports persisting layouts.

  • Blue lines indicate the frame/pane with user focus. You can navigate around fames and panes with the Alt-f and Alt-p keys. Alt-b will activate the focused pane's menu. Hitting Alt-b again will activate the associated frame's menu. Arrow keys are used to navigate the menu's items and Escape (or clicking anywhere outside) closes the menu.

  • The blue outline indicating the focused pane appears only for a few seconds and then fades so as not to obscure the app's content in that pane.

  • A frame is sized with the mouse by hovering around its lower right corner.



Early development. Tried only on Chrome so far.


This repository includes an example app. Images below are of the example app, illustrating features.

I suppose it should also be mentioned that paneless does the rendering of frames (normal and minimized) in an app-frame that has an app-header and app-footer.

Any pane's button bar is exposed by hovering the mouse around the top of the pane.



Clone this repository in a directory on your machine. Then just play around with the example app.

Or, if you already have an app you want to include it in, then do -

npm install <paneless-directory>

where <paneless-directory> is the directory you cloned this repository in.


See the example app.