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Tauri Controls is a library that provides native-looking window controls for Tauri 2 applications. You can enhance the user experience of your Tauri 2 applications with window controls that mimic the identical native controls on the current system.

The following designs are taken as reference:

How to use

Install Dependencies

pnpm add tauri-controls

#install peer dependencies
pnpm add @tauri-apps/plugin-os @tauri-apps/plugin-window
pnpm add -D clsx tailwind-merge

Then, make sure to include the following tauri plugins in your src-tauri directory:

cargo add tauri-plugin-window tauri-plugin-os

Don’t forget to register plugins in your main function.

fn main() {
        .expect("error while running tauri application");

Add to Your Code

And simply add the WindowControls component to your code:

import { WindowControls } from "tauri-controls"

function MyTitlebar() {
  return <WindowControls />

// if no platform is specified, the current system will be detected
// and the matching element will be returned.

tauri-controls uses Tauri’s window API to handle window events and just provides a React element, it does not rely on the system’s native APIs.


// specify which platform's window controls to display
platform?: "windows" | "macos" | "gnome"

You can also pass additional props to elements like data-tauri-drag-region for further enhancements.


<WindowControls platform="macos" className="my-4" />

<WindowControls platform="windows" className="w-full justify-end" data-tauri-drag-region />


If the library gets some interest, I can gradually add the following features:

  • Add declaration file.
  • Detect disabled window controls (is_maximizable, …) and disable the buttons accordingly.
  • Disable icons option for macOs.
  • Svelte/SvelteKit implementation.


Check out the design implementation on Figma for a visual reference. Desktop Native Window Controls – Figma.

These sources were utilized:




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