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React components that simplify the management of window and body event listeners.

Instead of manually adding (and removing) listeners using useEffect, ReactWindow allows you to attach them in a more intuitive way:

// for window listeners
  onClick={() => {
    console.log("Hello world!");

Demo and Changelog

The library is inspired by svelte and is available with the following features:

  • Simplifies management of window (and body) event listeners.
  • Attaches a single event per listener type (if you have multiple instances of ReactWindow with onClick in your app, only a single click event will be attached).
  • Supports conditional rendering.
  • Supports capture and passive listener options.
  • Tiny – around 0.5 kB minified and gzipped.
  • Fully typed.


Get it from npm:

$ npm install --save @stanko/react-window

Import and use it in your React app:

ReactWindow base example

import ReactWindow from "@stanko/react-window";

function Example() {
  return (
      onClick={() => {
        console.log("Hello world!");
      onScroll={() => {
        console.log(`Wheeeeee! ${window.scrollY}px`);

ReactBody base example

ReactBody works same as ReactWindow but attaches listeners to document.body instead of window.

import { ReactBody } from "@stanko/react-window";

function Example() {
  return (
      onClick={() => {

Conditional rendering

import { useState } from "react";
import ReactWindow from "@stanko/react-window";

function Example() {
  const [listenForScroll, setListenForScroll] = useState(true);

  return (
        onClick={() => {
        {listenForScroll ? "Disable" : "Enable"} scroll listener

      {listenForScroll && (
          onScrollPassive={() => {
            console.log(`Wheeeeee! ${window.scrollY}px`);

Listener options

React Window supports capture and options listener options. These options can be set using the [onEventName]Capture and [onEventName]Passive variations.

For example, to set capture option for onClick, you would use onClickCapture.

And to set passive option for onScroll, you would use onScrollPassive.


There are a couple of gotchas to keep in mind when working with React Window:

Events are only added on mount

Events are only added on mount and removed on unmount. This means that if you change your handler dynamically, nothing will happen.

In other words, avoid the following pattern:

    someCondition ? () => {
      console.log("handling the event in one way");
    } : () => {
      console.log("handling the event in a different way");

This behavior is intentional, as it improves performance and eliminates the need for unnecessary rerenders.

Double click

React Window uses onDblClick to match the native event name, which differs from the built-in React version that uses onDoubleClick.

Supported events

React Window has full TypeScript support and your IDE should provide you with an autocomplete.

Visual Studio autocomplete for ReactWindow

Here’s a list of all supported events for reference:


Event Capture variant
onLoad onLoadCapture
onSelect onSelectCapture
onError onErrorCapture

Scroll / Wheel

Event Capture variant Passive variant
onScroll onScrollCapture onScrollPassive
onWheel onWheelCapture onWheelPassive

Focus / Blur

Event Capture variant
onFocus onFocusCapture
onBlur onBlurCapture


Event Capture variant
onKeyDown onKeyDownCapture
onKeyUp onKeyUpCapture


Event Capture variant
onAuxClick onAuxClickCapture
onClick onClickCapture
onDblClick onDblClickCapture
onContextMenu onContextMenuCapture
onDrag onDragCapture
onDragEnd onDragEndCapture
onDragEnter onDragEnterCapture
onDragExit onDragExitCapture
onDragLeave onDragLeaveCapture
onDragOver onDragOverCapture
onDragStart onDragStartCapture
onDrop onDropCapture
onMouseDown onMouseDownCapture
onMouseMove onMouseMoveCapture
onMouseOut onMouseOutCapture
onMouseOver onMouseOverCapture
onMouseUp onMouseUpCapture


Event Capture variant Passive variant
onTouchCancel onTouchCancelCapture
onTouchEnd onTouchEndCapture
onTouchMove onTouchMoveCapture onTouchMovePassive
onTouchStart onTouchStartCapture onTouchStartPassive


Event Capture variant
onPointerDown onPointerDownCapture
onPointerMove onPointerMoveCapture
onPointerUp onPointerUpCapture
onPointerCancel onPointerCancelCapture
onPointerEnter onPointerEnterCapture
onPointerLeave onPointerLeaveCapture
onPointerOver onPointerOverCapture
onPointerOut onPointerOutCapture
onGotPointerCapture onGotPointerCaptureCapture
onLostPointerCapture onLostPointerCaptureCapture


Event Capture variant
onAnimationStart onAnimationStartCapture
onAnimationEnd onAnimationEndCapture
onAnimationIteration onAnimationIterationCapture
onAnimationCancel onAnimationCancelCapture


Event Capture variant
onTransitionStart onTransitionStartCapture
onTransitionEnd onTransitionEndCapture
onTransitionRun onTransitionRunCapture
onTransitionCancel onTransitionCancelCapture


Install dependencies and run npm start. It will spin up a development server on http://localhost:8000


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