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I had to pass a technical test a few times ago to test my fullstack skills.
The company aims at put in relation cancer patients and clinical trials.
Given a csv with 5 columns (Speciliality, Organ, Id, Situation) I had to make a little search engines with filters.
The constraints were :

  • Use SQLAlchemy
  • using Python as Backend and React at front

I chose Flask because it is really small, you aren’t annoyed by one thousand config file and it is really easy to debug. In addition, it couples well with SQLAlchemy.
And I just choose React because of my experience with it.

Why publish it ?
Well, I had a few hard times while I was looking for tutorials (I am kind of a low level developper and my web skills aren’t incredible) and I think it would be nice if people who are looking for a few things can find it in this repository.

How to run it

TODO : Write a Dockerfile
In one terminal, run:

pip3 install -r api/requirements.txt
python3 api/

And in another one, run:

cd front; npm i
npm run start

And you should see the website running on http://localhost:3000. Enjoy!


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