Gothic Asset Wizard

An all-in-one tool for browsing, editing, previewing and compiling Gothic assets.

Note: This project is still in early development and is not yet ready for use.

Technologies used:

  • backend: C++20
  • frontend: React using TypeScript




  • Browse VDF files
    • Seamless integration with regular filesystem content (_Work folder)
  • Live preview
    • Textures
    • Models
    • Animations
  • Asset compilation

Project overview

The Frontend folder contains React TS project that handles everything related to a user interface.

The Backend folder contains the C++ code that handles all the heavy lifting such as parsing VDF files, compiling assets, etc.

Libraries used

We use a bunch of helper libraries:

  • AppPlatform – integration of a webview into a C++ application
  • phoenix – managing Gothic assets


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