comma webapps

This mono-repository contains the web applications and packages for the web UIs of



Just pick something and work on it. Take liberties or don’t. There are three basic acceptance criterias:

  1. It works as good or better
  2. We use TypeScript when possible
  3. Packages should be isomorphic and conform to shared eslint/tsconfig


Package New Package Started Functional Has Testing
cabana apps/cabana
connect apps/connect
@commaai/comma-api packages/api
@commai/my-comma-auth packages/auth
can-message packages/can
@commaai/pandajs packages/panda
@commaai/log_reader packages/rlog

New Packages

Package Description PoC Has Testing
packages/config Shared, inheritable eslint, jest, etc
packages/design Shared UI components built with @chakra-ui/react
packages/tsconfig Shared, inheritable tsconfig configs

Running Locally

To run all of the apps, run:

npm install
npm run build # TODO: we shouldn't have to do this
npm run dev

The monorepo relies heavily on workspaces. To add a 3rd party package to a particular app (cabana, for example) run:

npm install @awesome/package -w cabana

To add an internal package (panda for example) to another package, add the following line to the package.json:

  "panda": "*"

The "*" character is a shorthand that turborepo uses to say “this is an internal package”. After adding a new internal package, be sure to run npm install to create the symlinks.


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