This project was about creating a music website, calling an existing API (wildify – created by our teacher) using react, javascript, tailwind. We worked with agile method with a kanban board and daily points each morning.


  • the player had to keep playing while the user change pages
  • the player had to load the correct tracklist according to the music selected by the user
  • work on local storage to save the recently played musics and favorites music
  • group all the API calls
  • the drag and drop to upload musics and update the tracklists


Attention: necessité d’avoir le token api pour accéder à toutes les features


  • Concurrently : Allows for several commands to run concurrently in the same CLI
  • Husky : Allows to execute specific commands that trigger on git events
  • Vite : Alternative to Create-React-App, packaging less tools for a more fluid experience
  • ESLint : “Quality of code” tool, ensures chosen rules will be enforced
  • Prettier : “Quality of code” tool as well, focuses on the styleguide
  • _ Airbnb Standard_ : One of the most known “standards”, even though it’s not officially linked to ES/JS
  • Nodemon : Allows to restart the server everytime a .js file is udated


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