Pizzaplace 🍕

Overview 📝

This is a pizzeria management app. As an admin you can create and edit existing pizzas, change prices, see orders and change delivery status of them. As a user you can add pizzas to cart, place orders with your delivery details, see order history and change password.

Technologies 🔧

Tech Use
Next Front-end framework & SSR
Express Back-end framework
TypeScript Language
Jest Testing framework
React Testing Library Front-end testing
Supertest Back-end testing
MongoDB Database
Mongoose ODM
Zustand State management
React Hook Form Forms
Tailwind CSS
Turborepo Monorepo tool
Figma UI & UX design
NPM Package manager
ESLint Linter
Prettier Code formatter
Zod Validation
Bcrypt Hashing algorithm
Tailwind Merge Conditional styles
React Leaflet Map component
React Toastify Toast component

Preview 👀

Preview image 1 Preview image 2 Preview image 3

Installation 💾

Clone repository:

git clone

Create env files in both folders.

Install packages, build and start:

npm install
npm run build
npm run start

Then go to http://localhost:3000 to see it.


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