jadwal-krl is a beautifully designed and user-friendly mobile application that provides real-time schedules for Indonesian public train commuter lines. Developed with a focus on simplicity and accessibility, this app offers a seamless experience for commuters seeking up-to-date information about train schedules.

Key features of jadwal-krl include:

  1. Station Search and Saving: Users can easily search for and save their preferred stations locally on the app, ensuring quick access to relevant schedule information.

  2. Real-time Schedule Access: The app connects to a replicated public API to fetch and display real-time schedules for Indonesian commuter train lines.

  3. Next.js Framework: jadwal-krl is built using Next.js, a popular React framework known for its performance and server-side rendering capabilities.

  4. Vercel Deployment: The application is deployed on Vercel, a cloud platform optimized for modern web applications, ensuring reliable and efficient hosting.

The jadwal-krl.com project was created with the belief that public transportation data should be openly accessible to the general public. As a public act, the project aims to promote transparency and encourage the development of robust public transportation data infrastructure.

Developed by Abiel Zulio M (@abielzulio), the jadwal-krl app is distributed under the AGPLv3 License, allowing for free use, modification, and distribution of the software, subject to the terms of the license.