Automatically record web3 events into FullStory

useFullStoryWeb3 is a plug-and-play hook that will send data about Ethereum contract interactions straight to FullStory. It hooks into the Ethereum Provider JavaScript API (EIP-1193) and records all calls and transactions to the Ethereum blockchain via your dapp. It also stamps users with a hasWeb3 boolean to differentiate users which do or don’t have an Ethereum provider installed.

On EIP-1193:


npm install --save use-fullstory-web3


All useFullStoryWeb3 needs is your org ID and a Solidity-compiled ABI. The ABI is generally auto-generated by the contract development environment you are using (ie. hardhat, truffle, remix, etc.)

On the ABI:

import * as React from "react";
import abi from "./my-abi";

import { useFullStoryWeb3 } from "use-fullstory-web3";

const App = () => {
  useFullStoryWeb3({ orgId: "123", abi });
  return <div>My app</div>;

Now, we can answer all sorts of deep Digital Experience questions using FullStory’s comprehensive tooling and the data we’ve collected!

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