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? Challenge 0: ? Simple NFT Example ?

? Create a simple NFT to learn basics of ? scaffold-eth. You’ll use ?‍♀️ HardHat to compile and deploy smart contracts. Then, you’ll use a template React app full of important Ethereum components and hooks. Finally, you’ll deploy an NFT to a public network to share with friends! ?

? The final deliverable is an app that lets users purchase and transfer NFTs. Deploy your contracts to Rinkeby and then build and upload your app to a public web server. Share the url in the Challenge 0 telegram channel!!! ?

Checkpoint 0: ? Install ?


(⚠️ Don’t install the linux package yarn make sure you install yarn with npm i -g yarn)

git clone https://github.com/scaffold-eth/scaffold-eth-typescript-challenges.git challenge-0-simple-nft

cd challenge-0-simple-nft
git checkout challenge-0-simple-nft
yarn install
yarn chain

in a second terminal window, start your ? frontend:

cd challenge-0-simple-nft
yarn start

in a third terminal window, ? deploy your contract:

cd challenge-0-simple-nft
yarn deploy

You can yarn deploy --reset to deploy a new contract any time.

? Open http://localhost:3000 to see the app

Checkpoint 1: ⛽️ Gas & Wallets ?

⛽️ You’ll need to get some funds from the faucet for gas.


? At first, please don’t connect MetaMask. If you already connected, please click logout:


? We’ll use burner wallets on localhost…

? Explore how burner wallets work in ? scaffold-eth by opening a new incognito window and navigate it to http://localhost:3000. You’ll notice it has a new wallet address in the top right. Copy the incognito browsers’ address and send localhost test funds to it from your first browser:


??‍? When you close the incognito window, the account is gone forever. Burner wallets are great for local development but you’ll move to more permanent wallets when you interact with public networks.

Checkpoint 2: ? Minting

✏️ Edit the mint task hardhat.config.ts in packages/hardhat-ts and update the toAddress to your frontend address (in the top right of http://localhost:3000).


in a terminal window run the mint script:

yarn mint


? You should see your collectibles show up if you minted to the correct address:


? Open an incognito window and navigate to http://localhost:3000

? Transfer an NFT to the incognito window address using the UI:


??‍♂️ Inspect the Debug Contracts tab to figure out what address is the owner of YourCollectible?

? You can also check out your smart contract YourCollectible.sol in packages/hardhat-ts/contracts.

? Take a quick look at your deploy script 00_deploy_your_contract.js in packages/hardhat-ts/deploy.

? If you want to make frontend edits, open App.tsx in packages/vite-app-ts/src/app.

Checkpoint 3: ? Deploy it! ?

? Ready to deploy to a public testnet?!?

Change the defaultNetwork in packages/hardhat-ts/hardhat.config.ts to NETWORKS.rinkeby


? Generate a deployer address with yarn generate


? View your deployer address using yarn account


⛽️ Use a faucet like faucet.paradigm.xyz to fund your deployer address.

⚔️ Side Quest: Keep a ?‍? punkwallet.io on your phone’s home screen and keep it loaded with testnet eth. ?‍♂️ You’ll look like a wizard when you can fund your deployer address from your phone in seconds.

? Deploy your NFT smart contract:

yarn deploy

? Hint: You can set the defaultNetwork in hardhat.config.ts to Rinkeby OR you can yarn deploy --network Rinkeby.

Checkpoint 4: ? Ship it! ?

✏️ Edit the targetNetworkInfo in providersConfig.ts (in packages/vite-app-ts/src/config) to be the public network where you deployed your smart contract.


You should see the correct network in the frontend (http://localhost:3000):


? Ready to mint a batch of NFTs for reals?

yarn mint


? Build your frontend:

yarn build

? Upload your app to surge:

yarn surge

(You could also yarn s3 or maybe even yarn ipfs?)

Checkpoint 5: ? Contract Verification

Update the api-key in packages/hardhat-ts/package.json file. You can get your key here.

Screen Shot 2021-11-30 at 10 21 01 AM

Now you are ready to run the yarn verify --network your_network command to verify your contracts on etherscan ?

Checkpoint 6: ? Flex!

? Show off your app by pasting the surge url in the Challenge 0 telegram channel ?

?‍❤️‍? Share your public url with a friend and ask them for their address to send them a collectible ?


⚔️ Side Quests

? Open Sea

Add your contract to OpenSea ( create -> submit NFTs -> “or add an existing contract”)

(It can take a while before they show up, but here is an example:)

? Infura

You will need to get a key from infura.io and paste it into constants.ts in packages/vite-app-ts/src/models/constants:


? Head to your next challenge here.

? Problems, questions, comments on the stack? Post them to the ? scaffold-eth developers chat


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