Kea is a production-grade state management framework built for ambitious React apps.

It scales really well as your application grows and helps keep your state neat and clean.


Kea is built on top of Redux and leverages its underlying functional principles.

  • Every operation in your app starts with an action (increment counter).
  • These actions update reducers (counter) that hold the actual data.
  • This data is stored in a global state, which is managed by Redux.
  • You fetch values (counter is 1) through selectors (find the counter in the state) from this state.
  • Actions may also trigger listeners, which are plain async functions that talk with externals APIs, read values or dispatch other actions.
  • All related actions, reducers, selectors and listeners are grouped into a logic (counterLogic).
  • React Components connect to this logic and pull in all needed actions and values.