Simplified CSU-Clinic’s IMS

Note: This project is a school requirement and is intended for showcasing purposes only. It is not a complete and fully functional system for production use.

Built With:

  • PNPM – Package Manager
  • ReactJS Typescript – Frontend
  • Supabase – Backend As A Service
  • PostgreSQL – SQL Database

Design Overview:


Supabase Schema:

The schema and data types presented here are tailored for educational purposes and may not reflect real-world accuracy. As such, it is important to customize and adapt the schema based on specific project requirements and data needs.



  • Node.js and pnpm installed on your machine
  • A code editor of your choice
  • Familiarity with terminal or command prompt


  1. Clone the repository to your local machine.

    git clone
  2. Navigate to the directory

    cd straightforward-medicine-ims
  3. Install PNPM Packages

    pnpm install
  4. Create a Supabase account and set up a new project.

  5. Obtain your Supabase API URL and Service Key and update the .env file in the project root with the following information:

  6. Run the application.

    pnpm run dev


The CSU Clinic’s Inventory Management System provides the following functionalities:

  1. Dashboard Overview: Upon logging in, you will see an overview of the system, displaying the count of new medicines, upcoming medicines, expired medicines, and the total number of medicines.

  2. Inventory Menu: This section allows you to manage the medicine inventory and perform various actions.

  3. Create a Cabinet: This feature allows you to add and manage medicine cabinets, which contain drawers for organizing medicines.

  4. Manage Medicine Inventory: In this section, you can add new medicines to the inventory by providing details such as medicine name, stock, quantity, expiration date, and more. You can also choose a cabinet and a drawer to store the medicine. The system will keep track of the medicine stock levels and notify you about low stock.

  5. View Medicines: The table displays the details of added medicines, allowing you to view, edit, and delete medicine records.


This project is licensed under the LICENSE.


Edward Fernadnez


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