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Mono-repo Starter

What is a mono-repo?

What problem space does it try to solve?

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Mono-repo tools

This repository is a quick way of bootstrapping a new mono-repo for a Web Application.

Tech stack

Used to run the examples:

Mono-repo Goals

The repository focuses on creating one or more applications sharing and consuming multiple utilities.
You have

  • one application: playground
  • two components collections-cool-components and other-components
  • and a tool: esbuild-plugins

Coding style and Formatting conventions

  • An editor config file defines basic rules for the coding style.
  • Prettier and eslint automatically format the code for you.

Linting and Static type-checking

  • eslint ensures standard best practices on how to write Javascript code.
  • Typescript offers static type-checking and a better DX.

Automation and git hooks

husky and lint-staged allows for automation driven by git hooks.

A pre-commit hook will format your code before committing it. This automation will guarantee consistency on your codebase no matter who’s writing the code.

You can easily add other automation to validate your code before pushing it to Github or refreshing the local artifacts after fetching new code.


Out of many tools helping you build a mono-repo, pnpm is my choice of preference.

It’s not full-featured as nx or rush and not quite famous as yarn or lerna, but it’s by far the more effective tool for my needs.

PNPM Configuration

pnpm offers outstanding defaults out-of-the-box.

A few tweaks I usually apply are:

  • exact dependencies, no versioning ranges allowed
  • strict peer dependencies, ensuring everything run as expected
  • shell emulator, for better cross-platform scripting

PNPM Workspace dependencies

One of the things I like the most about pnpm is that workspace dependencies are 1st class citizens.

Esbuild and Chokidar

Those two tools enable you to develop and consume multiple libraries from one application with zero downtime.

  • esbuild compiles a medium-size library in a tenth of seconds or less
  • chockidar is a smart watcher over your code

Vite JS

vite has been a game-changer for me. webpack is excellent, and I still use it in many projects, but the speed and simplicity of vite are unparalleled.

NodeJS exports

Node had exports map for a long time.
Nowadays, most transpiler and bundler tools support the feature.

The most significant issue for me is that typescript doesn’t support the features natively yet.

Luckily, there’s an easy workaround ?

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@cef62 – Github


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