? Scaffold-Eth Typescript


This is the typescript repo of scaffold.eth. The directories that you’ll use are:


Quick Start

Running the app

  1. install your dependencies

    yarn install
  2. start a hardhat node

    yarn chain
  3. run the app, open a new command prompt

    # build hardhat & external contracts types
    yarn contracts:build 
    # deploy your hardhat contracts
    yarn deploy
    # start vite 
    yarn start 


everything you need to build on Ethereum! ?

? Quickly experiment with Solidity using a frontend that adapts to your smart contract:


? Edit your smart contract YourContract.sol in packages/hardhat-ts/contracts

? Edit your frontend MainPage.jsx in packages/vite-app-ts/src

? Edit your deployment scripts in packages/hardhat-ts/deploy

? Open http://localhost:3000 to see the app

? Documentation

Documentation, tutorials, challenges, and many more resources, visit: docs.scaffoldeth.io

Eth-hooks documentation is here

? Learning Solidity

? Read the docs: https://docs.soliditylang.org

? Go through each topic from solidity by example editing YourContract.sol in ? scaffold-eth

?? Speedrun Ethereum

Register as a builder here and start on some of the challenges and build a portfolio.

? Buidl

Check out all the active branches, open issues, and join/fund the ? BuidlGuidl!

? P.S.

? You need an RPC key for testnets and production deployments, create an Alchemy account and replace the value of ALCHEMY_KEY = xxx in packages/react-app/src/constants.js with your new key.

? Support Chat

Join the telegram support chat ? to ask questions and find others building with ? scaffold-eth!

? Please check out our Gitcoin grant too!


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