Covid 19 Monitor

Web page that shows the covid statistics of the country of Chile, all the confirmed cases, the deaths and also the daily statistics.
It also shows the covid statistics of each region of the country, and its flag.
This is the capstone project for the third Microverse module, React and Redux.


Built With

  • JavaScript, CSS
  • React, Redux
  • Webpack

Live Demo

Check the live demo for this project here.

Getting Started

To get a local copy up and running follow these simple example steps.


You need to be able to use Node Package Manager, or also called, the npm command.
If you dont have it, install it with these commands in the CLI (for Linux):

curl -sL | sudo -E bash -

sudo apt install nodejs

Then, run this command in the CLI:

npm --version

If the previous command prints a single line with a version number on screen, npm was installed.


First you need to clone the repository into the folder of your choice with this command:

git clone

Then go inside the repository foler with this command:

cd covid-19-monitor

After you are inside, download the npm dependecies with this command:

npm install

Finally, show the project through the browser with this command:

npm start


  • Once in the browser, you will see the Home page, in it you will see two sections, the country section and the regions section, in the first one you will se the map of the country the covid app is based in, and also its covid statistics. On the regions section you will see all the regions of the country listed, you can filter them by today’s confirmed cases and deaths.
  • Once you click on a region you will be redirected to the details page, in it there are the covid statistics of that region, showing the region’s flag, and statistics.
  • You can press the left arrow in the header to go back to the Home page.


? David Vergaray


Original design created by Nelson Sakwa in Behance.

? License

This project is MIT and Creative Commons licensed.

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