useFuse Hook

This hook takes Fuse.js, the popular client-side fuzzy-searching library, and puts it into a dynamic react hook with full TypeScript support.

Fuse.js Advantages

  • Frontend Fuzzy Searching
  • Configurable search indexes and weights
  • Speedy performance
  • Can search nested keys of an object

How To Install

Grab the useFuse.ts file and put it into your own project. You’ll also need to install fuse.js:

$ npm install --save fuse.js


$ yarn add fuse.js

How To Use

For a complete example, check the examples.tsx file.

Here’s a simple example:

const { results, search, setSearch } = useFuse<MyDataType>({
    data: myData,
    keys: ['name', 'description']

You can also use any additional parameters or config settings found in the Fuse.js Library.