Build a CRUD App with React.js and Redux Toolkit

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll build a React.js CRUD app using Redux Toolkit and RTK Query hooks. In brief, we’ll create RTK Query hooks that React will use to perform CRUD operations against a REST API.

Build a CRUD App with React.js and Redux Toolkit

Topics Covered

  • Run the React Redux Toolkit App Locally
  • Run a Django API with the React App
  • Setup the React Project with Tailwind CSS
    • Scaffold the React Project
    • Add Tailwind CSS
  • Create the CRUD API Slice with RTK Query
  • Add the CRUD API Slice to the Redux Store
  • Create Reusable React Components
  • Implement the CRUD Functionalities
    • CREATE Operation
    • UPDATE Operation
    • DELETE Operation
    • READ Operation
  • Test the React CRUD App
    • Perform the CREATE Functionality
    • Perform the UPDATE Functionality
    • Perform the READ Functionality
    • Perform the DELETE Functionality

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